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ear, making the country surpass the US as the world's biggest auto market. "It's unusual that demand for automobiles in a country increases more than 4.5 million units within 12 months

6▓ percent over last year. "As the price and profit margin of Bestur▓n, the company's major product, are relatively lower, FAW Car's gross profit ratio reduced 2 percentage points from a year earlier," said▓ Industrial Securities in a report yesterday. The brokerage

predicted that total sales of FAW Car ▓this year would be around 150,000 units, while revenue and net profit are expected to reach 23 bill▓ion yuan and 1.24 billion yua

n. Shares of FAW Car and its sister company Tianjin FAW Xiali Automobile Co were suspended yesterday from trading in the Shenzhen Stock Exchange pending company state

, and sales break the

monthly record▓ for seven months in a

ments regarding a report by the Economic Observer newspaper. The first group of 50 gas-electric powered buses will be delivered in June this year. These buses are capable of saving nearly 30 percent of

year," said Rao Da, secretary-general

gas.During the promotion show for the energy technology industry in Changping District, jointly held by the China Council for the Promotion▓ of International Trade Beijing Sub-Council (CCPIT BEIJING▓) and

▓ of China Passen

ger Car Association. Statistics from the C

the Investment Promotion Bureau of Changping District on May 13, inspiring news was revealed that the new energy b▓uses, which are powered b

hina Association of Automobile Manufacturers

y both gas and electricity, are expecte▓d to take to the road along Chang'an Street. Beijing Public Transportation Group has signed a contrac

(CAAM) show that the smaller cars, ▓with e

t to purchase 800 such buses from Beijing Automobile Futon Vehicles Co. ▓The first batch of 50 buses is scheduled to be delivered in June this

ngine capacity of, or less than, 1.6 liters,

year.On May 13, in Beijing Automobile Futon Vehicles Co.'s design and manufacturing base for new energy buses, a new energy bus, ▓the same

contributed 85 p▓ercent of the sales incre

size as an ordinary bus, attracted much attention from many people. The base was the first of its kind. Hong Bo, vice director of Changping Di

ase in the domestic auto market. Most of the

stri▓ct and an official from Beijing Automobile Futon Vehicles introduced that this▓ kind of bus has adopted the technology of gas and electri


ing cars in Chin

city combin▓ed power. Such a bus is capable o

f saving nearly 30 percent of gas and traveling 100

kilometers after its battery is charged. It has a

maximum service life of 200,000 kilometers. The

chassis is specially designed, making it safer and

more comfortable than ordinary buses."The ▓first b

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Beijing Automobile Futon Vehicles said that Be▓ijing Public Transportation Group has already signed a purchasing order for 8▓00 gas-electric powered buses with Futon and these buses will successively


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nto the Beijing public transportation operation system to replace the old buses running along Chang鈥檃n Street. Beijing Public Transportation Group will decide when these new energy b



will take to the road.Changping to build "Energy Innovation Demonstration Park""Zhongguancun Ener▓gy, Science and Innovation Demonstration Park,鈥?focusing on▓ new types of energy, ener



aving and emissions reduction, will▓ start construction in Changping District. During the promotio▓n show for the energy technology industry in Changping District, held on May 13, Jin Sh

udong, director of Changping District

described the prospect for

"Zhongguancun Energy, Science and Innovation Demonstration Park

ed their focus a nd investment to China, which increased comp etition," said the company. "As a medium-to-high -end sedan provider, FAW could not b enefit from the▓ governme nt policies which are mainly for small car s wi▓th engin e capacity of less than 1.6 li ter. This also res ulted in s lower profi▓t gro wth," the company said. Duri 邵阳县5G 卢湾区wap 山西wap 睢宁县5G 博罗县5G 娄烦县wap 荥阳市wap 兴安盟wap 闽清县wap 山西省wap 潢川县wap 高淳县5G 新密市wap 信宜市5G 大余县wap 庄河市wap 汉川市wap 广汉市5G 临城县5G 衡阳市5G 传奇私服怎么充钱 传奇私服破解外挂 传奇私服加速器收费 传奇私服gm命令大全集锦 传奇私服微端版发布网 传奇私服合击外挂 传奇私服gm命令查看器 手机单职业传奇私服 战旗传奇私服 新神器版本传奇私服